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Zinnia: How The Corn Was Saved


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When the Navajos crops fail yet again, the boy Red Bird is sent to ask Spider Woman for her help. His journey leads him to a flock of sun-yellow birds, a lizard, a Gila monster, and a snake appen netflix.
To each of the animals, Red Bird asks the same question: Could you tell me where Spider Woman lives?
At last, after traveling in each of the four directions, Red Bird finds Spider Woman sitting in her web mischpult. Will she help him?

Red Birds quest to save his people will serve as an inspiration to all readers with responsibilities that sometimes seem impossible to fulfill herunterladen.

Excerpt of a review from School Library Journal, June 2004:
. The quiet tone and spare plot are true to the style of many Native American tales, and this version is not cluttered with modern additions herunterladen. Written in both Navajo and English, the text is gorgeously illustrated. The stylized artwork features rich colors and bold shapes with soft outlines. Both the palette and the lines evoke the Southwest herunterladen. Using varying and unusual point of view, Benally effectively shows the many shapes of the terrain. The author details her sources well, describing how the Navajo hold their stories sacred word office herunterladen kostenlos. A stunning work.

Bilingual: Navajo and English

Zinnia: How the Corn Was Saved was awarded the Land of Enchantment Children's Book for 2006-2007 ij scan utility kostenlos.

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