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Their Land, Their Love: The Return Home


Their Land Their Love: The Return Home is the fourth and final volume in the series by Evangeline Parsons-Yazzie. The story begins in Ft. Sumner New Mexico in the spring of 1868 “There is going to be a meeting at the parade grounds. We have our orders to count all the Navajo prisoners. Bring everyone there!” On the parade grounds Naabehó Peace Leaders negotiate the Treaty of 1868 with their captors.

In June they begin the return home, a journey of hope and resilience for Nínáaaníbaa’, her husband Hashké Yił Naabaah, their children and grandchildren. This passionate ending
to the epic story weaves together the oral histories of the Dziłíjiin (Black Mesa, Arizona) community with the history of the signing of the Treaty of 1868.

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“I wrote this novel for several reasons. First, it was to share with Navajo youth the truth about their history as told by their Navajo elders; second, it was to inform Navajo youth about
the strength of their ancestors and their Navajo people; third, it was to present the painful history of the Navajo people from an unusual viewpoint— that of a love story; fourth, it was to inform Navajo youth about the strength of love in terms of survival
of an individual, a family, and of a people; and finally, it was
to instill within Navajo youth and Navajos of all ages pride for their people, knowing they come from strong stock.”
— Evangeline Parsons Yazzie

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