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2017 New Mexico Native American Art and Culture Adoption

Our Salina Bookshelf Native American materials are now available in the NMPED Instructional Materials Bureau. They are listed on the 2016 Adopted NM Native American Art and Culture Adoption. For over 20 years Salina Bookshelf has provided reading materials centered around Native American culture authentically told by Navajo and Hopi authors and illustrators. Ranging from…
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Navajo Language Courses Fall 2017

Northern Arizona University NAV 101 First Year Navajo NAV 201 Second Year Navajo Inez Nez Inez Nez Arizona State University AIS 194 Beginning Navajo I AIS 394 Intermediate Navajo I Jolyanna Begay Jolyanna Begay University of Arizona AIS 104A Beginning Navajo AIS 204A Intermediate Navajo Aresta La Russoo Aresta La Russoo Mesa Community College (Dobson)…
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Navajo Clans

Understanding the Clan System is crucial to understanding who you are as a Navajo individual. K’é refers to the establishment of familial and clan relationships and enables the Navajo individual to balance their own morality achieving kindness while following Navajo Tradition. The Navajo child, traditionally, is introduced into the world by his or her mother…
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A Conversation with Daniel Vandever

Fall in Line, Holden! follows Holden, a young Navajo boy, through his day at boarding school. Although Holden is required to conform to a rigid schedule and strict standards of behavior, his internal life is led with imagination and wonder. Learn more about first time Navajo author Daniel W. Vandever​ in this 1-on-1 interview.…
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