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Navajo Language Courses Fall 2017

Northern Arizona University NAV 101 First Year Navajo NAV 201 Second Year Navajo Inez Nez Inez Nez Arizona State University AIS 194 Beginning Navajo I AIS 394 Intermediate Navajo I Jolyanna Begay Jolyanna Begay University of Arizona AIS 104A Beginning Navajo AIS 204A Intermediate Navajo Aresta La Russoo Aresta La Russoo Mesa Community College (Dobson)…
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The 2018 Emerging Diné Writers’ Institute

From July 11th to the 15th, I attended the 2018 Emerging Diné Writers’ Institute at Navajo Technical University Crownpoint, New Mexico campus. The amazing institute is co-sponsored by the Navajo Women’s Commission and Navajo Technical University. The institute intertwined with the Eastern Diné Reading Series, an event open to the public which included readings of the…
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Fall 2018 Navajo Language College Courses

Here is a list of Navajo Language courses taught in the Fall 2018 semester. Of course these are subject to change. If you know of any universities that aren't listed here or other classes outside of university that teach Navajo, we'd love to know! We also offer some Navajo Language Learning resources. You can find…
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The 2017 Emerging Diné Writers’ Institute

On July 13th to July 14th,  I participated in the Emerging Diné Writers’ Institute in Crownpoint, NM. The institute was co-sponsored by the Navajo Women’s Commission and Navajo Technical University and took place at NTU’s main Crownpoint campus. The institute was created for Diné individuals interested in starting or advancing in the field of creative…
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Navajo Traditional Storytelling

Traditional storytelling has been the educational tool for the Navajo people from the beginning. Every time a story is told characters are introduced in a unique perspective. The characters in these stories can include individuals like Spider Woman, Navajo medicine men and women, and one’s own family members, each aiding the main character in times…
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